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stop Parachute Jump

Saint Seiya – Stop Motion – Kanon vs Shura

la batalla continuara




A certain amount of Outstanding stop Snapshots

  1. stop Parachute Jump
    Photo fromloop_oh
    Stop sign and the Parachute Jump at Coney Island in New York City,




  3. #14 – Bus Stop
    Photo fromBruno.T71
    Duesseldorf, Germany, 2015

    "Show me one of your favourite places to shoot"

    After reading the instruction from Danielle I went to look into my flickr stream to see where I took the photos that I liked the most. While the gravitation towards fun fairs is something conscious, I discovered that I took a lots of shots at bus or tram stops.

    Since there were no fun fairs in town, I started stopping at some bus stops on the way to work (or back) and also to explore a few new ones.

    This photo isn’t perfect, I don’t like the reflection of the taxi in the poster, but I just had the time to take a couple of photos before the person with the umbrella went away.

    Some older or new ones took at bus stops, some of them at the same location of the one above.

    My "B Side" would be this:
    while it is graphically cleaner, I like the umbrella one the most, as it portrays a more compelling moment.

    At least 8 photos from Alex Webb’s Istanbul are shot at a bus stop. The fact that I don’t come not even close is only depressing 😉

    Finally, on the way to the bus stop, I took this shot
    which is definitely my favorite!




  5. Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)
    Photo fromlanier67
    Playlist Song Don’t Stop – Foster the people
    New shop window decoration at Heike Jung Cosmetics, Heidelberg… I actually went there to take a picture of the giant dummy head in the window the whole winter, but came to late. Instead here is the new deco.




  7. Stop
    Photo frombrainware3000




  9. Stopping for a Rest
    Photo fromTheen …
    Not as sharp as I’d like, but I like it for the colours and the little flying insect stopping for a rest on the leaf.




  11. Stop
    Photo from`Olivier Jules`




  13. Stop
    Photo fromcobblucas

    1. to cease from, leave off, or discontinue: to stop running.

    2. to cause to cease; put an end to: to stop noise in the street.

    3. to interrupt, arrest, or check (a course, proceeding, process, etc.): Stop your work just a minute.

    4. to cut off, intercept, or withhold: to stop supplies.

    5. to restrain, hinder, or prevent (usually fol. by from ): I couldn’t stop him from going.

    6. to prevent from proceeding, acting, operating, continuing, etc.: to stop a speaker; to stop a car.

    7. to block, obstruct, or close (a passageway, channel, opening, duct, etc.) (usually fol. by up ): He stopped up the sink with a paper towel. He stopped the hole in the tire with a patch.

    8. to fill the hole or holes in (a wall, a decayed tooth, etc.).

    9. to close (a container, tube, etc.) with a cork, plug, bung, or the like.

    10. to close the external orifice of (the ears, nose, mouth, etc.).




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